• Jake's Bear Hunt

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Jake's Bear Hunt
SCENE 1 Rock & Jake: In my opinion, this bronzed athelete is hotter than the desert heat! At 6’ 4” and 260 lbs., he is one beefy hunk of a man. As intimidating as his size might be, Rock put me at ease with his sweetness and intelligence. Wow, a big, atheletic hunk with a brain. Now that’s a real turn on. And he’s a bottom. I think I found my dream man.

SCENE 2 Dan & Steve: I met Dan, a furry hunk with some porn experience, and Steve, a blonde bartender, at a bar one night. We had a lot of fun splashing around in the pool, then hit the deck for some 3-way sucking. After they tortured me, Dan and Steve got busy in the bedroom and made hot, passionate love.

SCENE 3 Tom & Jake: Tom is quite a beast of a man, with a chest so furry it could keep you warm in winter. Today I warm him up with a massage, teasing his cock until he just has to finish himself off in a hot white geyser. The fun continues when I fuck this bear’s super-tight asshole and coat his huge round ass with cum while he growls and begs for more.

SCENE 4 Hank & Tom: It’s always fun watching guys who are into each other play, and Tom and Hank have a very obvious chemistry together. You can practically feel the sparks when these two hairy hunks suck, rim, and 69. When Tom fucks Hank from behind, Hank gets so excited he blasts a huge load all over the bed. Then he returns the favor by sucking Tom to his own explosive climax.

Enjoy these 4 scenes of Dan and Steve,Tom and Hank, Tom and Jake and Rock and Jake in hot Bear sex!

Cast: Rock , Steve , Tom , Jake , Dan , Hank , Jake Cruise

Product Subname: Big Dicks , Muscle Studs , Rimming , Hairy , Amateur , Daddies , Threesomes & More , Fingering , Public Sex , Tickling , Massage , Bears , Jake Cruise









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