Discreet Service
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Adult DVD King Offers Discreet Service

Adult DVD King Sends In Discreet Packaging

Our business model is built on customer discretion. We deal with thousands of customers and will never pass on your details to third parties. Your privacy is respected so we will not bombard you with marketing emails looking for reviews or that special offer. The only emails you will receive from us is your order confirmation, confirmation your order is shipped and payment advice. Nowhere on your documentation, mail or emails will you see the words adult dvd king - RMV Videos Ltd is the trading company and this or a version of this will appear on any of your transaction records.

Sometimes it is better to run under the radar. No fancy packages or labelling we send your orders in plain cardboard boxes with only our return address or information required by authorities. It is delivered using DHL or your local courier. Nobody will ever know, unless you want them to, that you received adult dvds from the king. The only person that will get excited with your packaging is you when you receive it because only you will know of the contents within.

Discreet Delivery enables customers from anywhere in the world to buy our porn dvds.