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Fox Tale

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Fox Tale
He shares every detail of the scandal that rocked the country.
"Hodge Armstrong, a student who’s found out about Ty’s secret life, jacks off while looking at a layout of Fox, but stops short of cumming when he hears two of his buddies fucking around in the next room. He goes to spy on Tyler Flannery sucking off Rod Barry. The two rim and finger each other while Hodge watches and plays with his cock. Tyler gets on his hands and knees so Rod can drive his cock up deep in his hole until they both can’t hold back from shooting their loads.
"In an adult bookstore, Sam Dixon is cruising Bryan Kidd. Hodge interrupts things when he shows up looking for one of Ty’s videos. When Hodge finds what he is looking for, he takes off, leaving Bryan and Sam to continue what they started in the bookstore. Bryan starts out blowing Sam and then Sam returns the favor. They end up beating off in the bookstore and take off before they get caught.
"In a locker room at school, Ty is working out with blond muscle boy Jake Cannon. When they are all pumped up, the two start to worship each others’ bodies. Jake and Ty exchange blow jobs, working over each other’s cocks. Hodge walks in on the action and Ty wants him to join in the fun. Before long, Jake is bent over with Ty’s cock up his ass and a mouthful of Hodge's cock. Hodge and Jake trade positions and Ty drills Hodge until he shoots his load.
"Hodge’s obsession continues. He goes to spy on Ty and hangs out by his office at school. He overhears Ty talking on the phone about a dance gig he has at a club in Atlanta. Hodge goes to the club to see Ty and slips him a note when he’s tipping him on stage. When Ty goes to count his cash he finds the note and dismisses it. Hodge waits outside the club but Ty ignores him when he is leaving.
"Ty takes off to for a video shoot in LA with blond stud Troy Halston. The two blond porn studs suck one another off and then Ty bends Troy over for a fucking. The scene come to a perfect end with Ty and Troy both shooting their loads… but little does Ty know that back at home Hodge is about to turn his life upside down!

Cast: Ty Fox, Hodge Armstrong, Bryan Kidd, Jake Cannon, Rod Barry, Sam Dixon, Troy Halston, Tyler Flannery

Product Subname: Big Dicks, Muscle Studs, Uncut, Hairy, Feature, Daddies, Interracial, Uniforms, Cruising, Comedy, Gay Outdoor Sex, Channel 1


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