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Str8 Chaser #26

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Str8 Chaser #26
Reality Dudes presents Str8t Chaser 26:
Layover: When I heard the buddy of a good friend of mine needed a place to crash on a layover, I was happy to let Blaze Austin use my spare room, but I wanted to be sure he knew what he was in for. I sat Blaze down to explain that I like to be naked at home, and he was chill with it. I took off all my clothes, and soon convinced him to do the same. Blaze noticed how hard I was, and I decided to see if he would join me.
It just took a bit of encouragement for him to start playing with his dick. After all his travels, Blaze needed some cash so it was easy to entice him to suck my dick for a few bills, and for two hundred more I was bending him over and fucking his ass. He lay on his back and opened his legs for me to fuck his hole mish, then hungrily sucked me till I gave him a facial. His load was so big, he'll definitely be back for his next layover.
Plumber: Plumber butt is a cliche for a reason, and when hot plumber Ian Greene came over to fix my sink, he bent over and gave me such a nice view of his ass, I had to take my dick out. Ian caught me with my cock in my hand, and was hesitant at first until I offered him cash to jack me off and suck me. After an awesome blowjob, he agreed to let me fuck him for another four hundred. It was pricy but worth it as I pounded him doggystyle against the counter, then he rode my cock on the floor. I fucked him till I pulled out to cum all over his hole, then he jacked off and blew a big load.
Lottery: I won the lottery, but my buddy Beau Reed wasn't happy for me, because he was too broke to buy his girlfriend anything for her birthday. I had cash, and I was horny... seems like we can help each other. For a hundred bucks, Trent agreed to touch my cock, and for two hundred more he put my dick in his mouth. I wanted it all, and so did he, so we went into the bedroom where he got naked to earn the full six hundred. I played with his hole, and he took my dick like a champ as I fucked him doggystyle. He bounced on my cock as he rode me, and Beau must have enjoyed it because he cummed as I fucked him nice and deep in missionary.
Pizza Delivery: When hot pizza guy Nic Sahara showed up with my food, I suddenly had a different kind of hunger. Nic told me business had been slow lately and he was low on cash, so I thought he might be interested in earning some easy money. He wasn't sure about sucking my dick for a hundred bucks, but when I upped my offer to $140, he didn't just take it out and stroke it, he even sucked it. I was really horny, so I asked if I could fuck him for some more bills, and he bent over and let me penetrate his tight little hole doggystyle. He liked it so much he started begging for my dick as I pounded him and then jacked his cock as I came on his ass. His orgasm was so intense he couldn't believe it.

Cast: Blaze Austin, Nic Sahara, Beau Reed, Ian Greene

Product Subname: Amateur, Appearance, Big Dicks, Blue Collar Guys, Character, Delivery Driver, Masturbation, Muscled Men, POV, Straight/Closeted Men, Reality Dudes


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